No Going Back is an innovative programme of training, support, employment and housing funded and driven by 30 Livery Companies with the ambition to work collaboratively to reduce re-offending.

Bean Research was commissioned to undertake an impact assessment of No Going Back, developing an impact assessment framework to provide a structure for measuring, collating and reporting outcomes delivered as a result of No Going Back. These were presented and discussed with the Livery Steering Group, and as a result, new measures were introduced and integrated into data systems by the team. Our report, published in November 2022 included a detailed report on Social Return on Investment of the programme, through years) through economic benefits, avoided public spending, and health and wellbeing gains for those involved.

“A huge thank you from all of us for the terrific presentation and all the work you put into the Impact Report for NGB. You have been brilliant and hugely supportive. We look forward to Year 3!” Fran Findlater OBE, Founder, Bouceback

We are currently working with NGB to assess the impact of the 3rd year of No Going Back.