For the last three years, Bean Research has supported the Jack Petchey Foundation, its grantees and partners to collect and analyse data on how their programmes impact young people, schools, youth groups and the wider community across London and Essex. We created a new impact framework, and worked with partners to integrate impact measurement, with clear indicators and rationale under each key outcome. We continue to work with the team to ensure measures are rigorous and integrated into their systems and processes, and to feed into their annual reporting.

“In 2020, We commissioned Bean Research to look back at our 21 years to understand what difference we had made. This allowed us to stand behind some robust analysis, but also to shape our evaluation and impact reporting in the future. Since then, Bean has developed our impact framework and worked with our partners to ensure buy-in and consistent reporting. This work has been used to provide clear evidence to our trustees, through our three impact annual impact reports, but also to shape and develop the work we do and the opportunities we provide young people to be the best they can be”. Gemma Juma, CEO, Jack Petchey Foundation

21st Birthday Impact Report
JPF Impact Brochure 2023