Bean Research was commissioned to create an impact framework for BMJ, The British Medical Journal, drawing together its different businesses and data. This was then used to structure how BMJ measures the impact it has, with Bean collaborating to identify key indicators under each of the three new outcomes – Better Evidence, Better Decisions and Better Systems. BMJ now uses this structure to measure and report its global impact.

Improving health outcomes for all report

“I firmly believe that only by measuring the effectiveness of our activities can we be sure we’re making a positive difference.  Charlotte enthusiastically engaged teams across BMJ, and using a theory of change, created a clear impact framework for benchmarking and measuring the outcomes of our work across our organisation. This will provide us with the right criteria to track future performance towards a healthier world, based on tangible proof of impact. We are really pleased with how we are using the impact framework – creating the structure for our first impact report, and as a guide for setting impact-focused goals across the organisation”.

Chris Jones, Chief Executive Office, BMJ