We work with you to create a Theory of Change, undertake impact mapping, identify key outcomes and map those to rigorous measurement indicators.  We understand how to evaluate, assess, and report social impact effectively for programmes, charitable organisations, funders, so the frameworks we develop with you will be practical & measurable. We have particular experience in building frameworks for funders and multi-programme organisations, finding the golden thread of value through different activities.

We use a theory of change process , consulting stakeholders and working collaboratively and will end up with a clear impact framework outlining what success looks like and how organisations will demonstrate progress towards that.  Clients tell us our framing is more practical and engaging, less onerous and more evidence-led.   Often, we will then create M&E suites and systems for hassle-free but vigorous evaluation and reporting, embedding impact measurement in the organisation.

This year alone, we have built or revised Theories of Change & Impact Frameworks for CIPD Trust, Offploy, The Mercers Company, CareTech Foundation, Shell Generation NetZero and charities Routes and The Centre for Financial Capability.

Our Projects


Bean Research was commissioned to create an impact framework for BMJ, The British Medical Journal, drawing together its different businesses and data. This was then used to structure how BMJ measures the impact it has, with Bean collaborating to identify key indicators under each of the three new outcomes – Better Evidence, Better Decisions and…

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CIPD Trust

The CIPD Trust (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) supports people getting into and progressing in work, by harnessing the knowledge, expertise and talents of the people profession. CIPD Trust commissioned Bean Research to develop a new Theory of Change, bringing together its variety of programmes, to clearly articulate its purpose and the difference it…

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Hatch Enterprise

Hatch support underrepresented entrepreneurs (8,000 since 2014) to develop the knowledge, confidence, and skills needed to launch and grow a business. Hatch commissioned being researched to review and revise its theory of change, to better reflect its growing portfolio of programmes and entrepreneurs. In doing so, we engaged with the senior management team, partners and…

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