Impact Assessment

We design, develop and deliver evaluation frameworks & processes to provide a picture of how a programme or fund is performing and the difference it is making. We help create a Theory of Change, undertake impact mapping, identify outcome indicators and conduct independent impact assessments. Sometimes all of the above, sometimes just elements. We also conduct Social Return on Investment (SROI) assessments, particularly in employability related programmes.

Building the Case

We compile, analyse and combine landscape assessments, case studies, competitor analyses, partners’ insights, social and economic data and evaluation assessments to help organisations understand the opportunities for growth, increase in reach or develop their business case.

Tailored Research

We conduct desk research; surveys (quantitative); phone and face-to-face interviews and focus groups (qualitative) amongst audiences, stakeholders and beneficiaries. We often combine multiple methods within a single project, and will tailor our approach as needed to deliver breadth and depth to our findings and recommendations. Research lies at the heart of all our services and primary research underpins all our work, particularly evaluation and impact assessments.

Consultancy & Advice

Bean regularly also advises clients and conducts training on commissioning, managing or interpreting research and impact assessment; working hand in hand with in-house teams to provide specialist input and the extra resource often needed to get projects off the ground or pass the post. We have ongoing relationships with several clients who we support in their annual impact reporting to boards and trustees.

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