TP ICAP, a global financial and energy broking company headquartered in London, holds an annual fundraising campaign called ICAP Charity Day. They welcome charities, ambassadors and celebrities to the broking floors to help raise funds by donating all the revenue and commission of the day to charity.

Ahead of the 30th ICAP Charity Day on 7 December 2022, Bean Research was commissioned to conduct a retrospective impact assessment to better understand the scope of impact that the day has had. Bean collated information on the donations, how the donations were used, as well as qualitative feedback from supported charities, and evaluated and assessed the outcomes and impacts of this social investment over the last 30 years. Calculating that since 1993, ICAP Charity Day has donated £155 million through 2,847 donations to 1,728 charities around the world. Directly impacted more than 7.7 million people supported worldwide, with a focus on children and young people. 76% of the charities supported have been of small or medium size. These have made significant contributions to a range of causes such as the environment, disaster relief, and health and medical causes. Another aspect of the report was to develop a more systematic approach to impact assessment, so that future iterations of the charity day can be better informed. As covered in Marsha Lacey’s interview with Charities Management “Keeping up the impact of ICAP Charity Day”


“The impact ICAP Charity Day has had since 1993 is absolutely incredible. This is why I love my job, knowing we are making this much difference all across the world. Great to work with Charlotte Turner on this over the last 6 months.”

Marsha Lacey, Community Engagement Manager, TP ICAP

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ICAP Charity Day Impact Report

Entitled ‘Our Journey to 30’, the ICAP Charity Day Social Impact report can be read here:

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