CityFibre installs full fibre broadband cables for homes and businesses across the UK. Bean Research has worked with CityFibre to develop its approach to social value by embedding the approach within procurement. Bean has worked with various teams at CityFibre to understand the organisation and how value could be created. More specifically, a menu of social value commitments that can be applied and dialled up or down, depending on the local bid requirements. This has been developed and mapped in line with the Social Value Portals TOM’s Framework, an organisation Bean works closely with, maximising the social value scores and calculations through Bean’s detailed knowledge and meticulous research in the current landscape of social value.

Continuing to work on the implementation, where a bid is successful, we have developed a reporting plan with the social impact team, and each of the subject experts leads so everyone is clear on what needs to be reported quarterly and how all commitments are aligned with the TOM’s Framework in the reporting schedule and ready for implementation.